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Indu Packaging [Daman] Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of PE based multilayer films and bags. The highest quality raw materials, technology, knowledge and experience go into production that deliver the best in class strength and durability.

Our products include a wide range of Shrink wrapping films, Mulch plastic films, Interior convenience (easy-to-apply) products to certified & approved Food Grade packaging.


Shrink Wrapping Films

Our films are used by large machine manufacturers to cover their machines while in transit, this eliminates chances of dust, water, insects and the elements of nature to affect the product. The picture above shows our films covering one of the big machines in transit.

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Liner Bags

We manufacture PP Bags for packaging applications in most of the industries. These are manufactured from quality raw material, which makes their life span longer. We offer these in various sizes and shapes as per the requirement of the customer.

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Mulch Films

Plastic mulch is a product used, in a similar fashion to mulch, to suppress weeds and conserve water in crop production and landscaping. Film mulching helps minimize evaporation & water loss, so that more water reduces crop water stress.

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Milk Pouch Films

Milk Films at our plants are extruded using virgin LDPE & LLDPE granuals and printed using Certified and approved Food Grade Inks; our supplies to the food industry for packaging of food products sees us following stringent health and hygiene practices at our factories.

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Diverse Packaging


High Grade Certified Plastics Manufacturing in the most Energy Efficient ways


If you need a custom dimensions, no problem! We can customize any of our plastic products to your exact specifications.


Flexible packaging manufactured with printing technology according to your design and requirements.


We manufacture all packaging applications from quality raw material adhering to high standards

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Whether you need a custom dimension product or have queries, no problem! We can customize any of our plastic products to your exact specifications. Drop us your details and we will get back to you shortly.